When Should I Schedule My Newborn Session?

Moms to be have a whirlwind of other things to accomplish before the arrival of their baby. So, when it comes to newborn photos, many moms ask when should I schedule a session?

Since Katie and I have kiddos of our own, we are well aware of the tasks us moms have to master right after our babies come into this world. Not only did you just have a baby and you handled that, but, now you have nursing or formula feeding, your baby’s schedule, siblings, finishing the nursery if it’s not done, etc. It is all a little, well, overwhelming to say the least.

Although there is a lot going on, we ask that you please think about how you will feel in the coming years if you don’t have photos of your little one. We know that a lot of mommas don’t always think about scheduling a newborn session or might think they don’t want photos, and then change their minds, but it is such a joy to look back and see those little faces.

For those sleepy, tiny, little bundle of joy photos, we recommend that you try to schedule within the first 14 days after birth or as close to that time frame as possible. During the first two weeks, babies are flexible, sleepy, and love to be swaddled.

However, this timeline will also depend on the birth of your baby. For instance, we have done newborn sessions as far as a month out because the baby was born premature. We suggest that your newborn should be at least about six pounds before we see them and should be healthy. If you have any medical questions or concerns, then you should always consult your pediatrician.

Regardless of if you have photos taken, or choose to take them yourself, the important thing is that you get those first days documented! Sending you all of our joy and love! 🙂

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