Baby Days

As we wrap up February with a nice blanket of snow and a day off of school for the kiddos and celebrating literally SO MANY BIRTHDAYS, I feel like there is abundance in every corner of our lives this year. Both of my girls had birthdays this month as well as Katie’s daughter. As I sat there and looked at both of my babies cuddled on the floor, I realized how fast time seems to be going this year. I can’t really believe Noelle and Everleigh are both two and Emalynn started Kindergarten in the fall and just turned six. I mean, where does time actually go?

It feels like I JUST brought my own kids home from the hospital on a snowy February evening and just snuggled in and enjoyed being with them. Their little fingers, their little toes, that sweet smell of baby lotion, that tiny little cry that was SO new. Time just transforms everything – and everyone. Those little helpless cries have turned into a big sister who is the biggest helper. Emalynn plays with her little sister, reads to her, loves her, and even tells her no when she needs to hear it. When did she get so grown up? My little giggling three year old Emie dancing around in her Elsa dress is just a memory now – thank God for the home videos to take me back.

We all feel that crunch for time. There just never seems to be enough.

But, there is always enough time to reflect on what we all have right in front of us – our babies. We have the time to tell them how precious they are, how proud of them we are, how much we love them. When they are 25, they are going to remember how we held them through the scraped knees and played hide and seek in the back yard, how we told them they could reach for any star they wanted and then we showed them how because we do it all for them.

But, they won’t be the only ones to remember. We will too. Enjoy the baby days. We all know they don’t last forever.

What is your favorite memory of your little one?

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