Candid or Posed?

What is your photography preference? I define myself as a “candid” photographer. Maybe you call it “journalistic”. I call it capturing all the things I see that you may not.

I see it as grabbing all of your smallest moments that will eventually mean the most to you someday – a hug with your dad, a kiss on your sweet baby’s little nose at two days old, all of those things that you did behind the scenes to build your business on the side while your baby was saying “mommy play with me.”

We understand that there is always a time and place for “posed” photos: The traditional family formals at a wedding where everyone is smiling, the woman entrepreneur with a cup of coffee in her hand and a laptop at her fingertips, the mom, dad, and baby newborn family portraits. And, those photos will all be beautiful.

But, is that how life is in reality? Is our hair always perfect with that smile on our face or do our kids stand perfectly still with a big grin? How many trips to Target did we make as moms to find those perfectly coordinating outfits? (at least 3!!) I want to see your kids laughing and playing and being how they always are, I want to see the emotion on your dad’s face as he walks you down the aisle or dances with you to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder on your wedding day.

Most of all, I want to create a window for you to look back on all of those collective moments that make up your beautiful life.

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