A First Look with Dad on Your Wedding Day

A new trend that you may have heard about is having a “first look” with your soon-to-be husband on the big day, but, what about a first look with one of the most important people in your life: your dad.

For those of you that don’t know, a first look is sharing a private moment with your soon-to-be husband before the ceremony on your wedding day. It takes the pressure off from walking down the aisle and is almost like a big reveal without the stress of everyone watching and hoping you don’t fall 🙂 (let’s face it, most girls hope they don’t trip while walking down the aisle!)

But, if you really want to keep the tradition of keeping yourself hidden, there is another option! Do a first look or reveal with your dad!

Dads are so special to their daughters. They support us, challenge us, and, if we are lucky, they will be there for us into our adult years. After our moms, they are usually one of the first people to see us after we are born. It only makes sense that they should be there to see you before they give you away on your wedding day.

Take a look at some sweet first look photos below:

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