Popular Question: How many photos can I expect to receive from my wedding?

This question has been one of the number one asked questions on my list when receiving inquiries! So, let me break down what I usually tell potential clients.

Every photographer is different, so my numbers may vary from some others. I generally quote potential brides anywhere from 50 to 75 photos per hour of coverage. This varies greatly because some parts of the wedding day have more going on than other parts. For instance, if you have a large bridal party, you might have 150 getting ready photos or more. Think in terms of each girl helping the bride, mom helping bride get into her gown, photos of hair, makeup, small detail photos of dresses, etc. Then you also have the men getting ready with their groomsmen. But, for the dinner hour, you might have 25. This is mainly because I do not photograph people eating (for obvious reasons). I take photos of the dinner, the food, and then drinks and people mingling.

Further, if you have a large ceremony and reception, you may have quite a few more photos just because there are more people and this turns into more interactions between the bride and groom and their guests. So on average, for a 6 hour wedding day, I would deliver anywhere from 500 to 700 photos depending on the festivities!

More questions? Feel free to ask in the comments or email me here: Marianna@MariannaJohnson.com!

Happy Planning!

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