Happy Mother’s Day

Some days are short. Some days are long. Some days are filled with laughter. Some days are filled with tears. They are never certain. However, one thing that is certain is my love for my kids.

Becoming a mom is unlike anything in this world. I have never been so filled with every emotion at once until I became a mom. My number one job is trying to be a great mom to my girls. It comes before anything else. But, that job is also the one that lights me up the most.

It is so easy to list out reasons why I love being a mom, so, I will try not to write a book:

First, my babies give the best hugs. A hug from my kids is the most uplifting feeling!

Also, I get to help teach them about life – which is amazing. We are our kids’ first teachers. Watch close and you will notice they copy what you do. We get to inspire, encourage, and lead right in our own families. People often look for an external circumstance to portray those qualities. However, if we look closely at our relationships with our kids, we can easily see that the opportunity is right in front of us.

Next, I get to tuck them in every night. Yes, I understand that this is short-lived. I know that time flies. I can’t believe my oldest is already 6. She is too big to rock now, but, we have replaced rocking with games of rock-paper-scissors, reading chapter books, and the occasional tickle-fest (even that is sadly phasing out).

Most importantly, my love for my daughters is a constant. There is no variable in the relationship I have with my kids. Yes – I get upset like any other parent and there are days when I want to pull out my hair; but, in all, my love for them never stops or changes. I depend on being able to love them as much as they depend on me for my love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and moms to be out there. I love that we all have one thing in common and that connects us across the world.

We are moms.

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