What is personal branding photography and why do I need it?

If you’re a business owner in Michigan (or any state) for that matter, you know how competitive your market can be. So, how do you stand out in the crowd? In a time when Michigan business owners need to make a great first impression in about 10 seconds before a potential lead hops offline, intentional brand photography could be the make it or break it moment for your business.

So, why branding photography? What is it and why do you need it?

Branding photography is a necessity in these times when you need more than just words to stand out on a page. Photos of you working in your business are one of the most powerful ways to build trust with an ideal client or lead. When they click onto your website, they could either see a large amount of text on your About Me page and be overwhelmed OR they could see a photo of you working in your studio, selling real estate, taking photos of your clients, [insert what you do here]. This is such a powerful thing because you have already stated what you do, but SHOWING takes the client experience to another level. Showing yourself in your element, doing what you love, letting your clients get to know you, this is where the magic happens. They now have a face to put with the name. You are offering a touchpoint for your potential client to get to know you even better. In times when everyone can be everywhere without actually having to physically be there, photos provide even more relevance in a competitive small business market.

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