Co-Working Space in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Gorgeous Lightweavers’ Collective and Co-working space in Grand Rapids

When I headed over to Grand Rapids to cover an open house for the Lightweavers’ Collective, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had never previously been to a co-working space and wasn’t sure how the idea even worked.

If you don’t know what a coworking space is, it’s usually a building or space comprised of office rooms, studio rooms, etc. in which different people can rent at an hourly/monthly/yearly rate. There are many around the state of Michigan that I didn’t know about! Go ahead and Google it for more info.

The Lightweavers’ space promotes community and openness.

They offer a space for heart-space entrepreneurs to co-work, collaborate, and stay inspired. The co-working space has studio space and private space to be rented at an affordable rate. Members receive one complimentary studio rental per month. It is focused upon community and collaboration and working together to create beautiful offerings for the community.

And is it GORGEOUS inside! With a light, bright, and airy feel, the co-working space is SO inviting! With nice individual working spaces, a yoga studio, private quiet room, among other spots, it has a welcoming feel that any business owner would feel comfortable working at. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes of the open house below:

  1. sarah says:

    I wish I lived in Michigan so I could come sit in this space! It’s so gorgeous! What an amazing container for creativity and connection! Well done! xoxo

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