How Brand Photos Create Connection

Brand photos are the key to driving home the messaging in your business. In a season of life where everyone is on social media, a good brand photo is worth its weight in gold. Photos catch our attention, they draw people in, they reinforce the messaging that we have been seeing around companies.

I want you to think about your process when you are surfing the internet. For example, you are searching for something in particular. Every site you have come to this far is just a bunch of text – SO MUCH TEXT. So, about 3 to 5 seconds scrolling and the bounce to the next website. We only have so much time in a day, right?! Who has time to read all that?!

But – then you come across the perfect website! A perfect photo grabs your attention. Something like this product is JUST what you are looking for to buy your mom. And look – there is the local creative that made it. She looks so friendly and looks like she works hard. She tells a little bit about her back story and there is an awesome picture of her making the product. You work too, so, you connect with her. Oh look – there is a picture of her little ones and her playing a game. You have little ones as well! Another connection made! Oh wow, and she has a promotion going on right now and there is a big picture to celebrate it. BAM – you’re sold.

See how that works?

It is all about connection, emotion, being HUMAN. We want to relate to each other in a time where we feel disconnected, hurried, and overwhelmed. We don’t have time to read through your entire story. We need to SEE it, to feel it.

Speak to your audience with more than words, friends! SHOW them as well and connect with them!

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