Summer Stories

Summer – when the days are long and the nights are short. The warm days and the sunshine warming your skin.

Summer- the kiddos play in the pools, the sprinklers, the puddles, the rain, any water they can find on hot days. The parents sit by and watch, thankful for the mommy and daddy breaks, but also aware of just how much they love their kids.

Summer- when the morning glow takes hold bringing in the long hot day, my feet hit the pavement early to bask in the silence of a morning run

Summer – when the lightning bugs flicker in the twilight hour and after the kids are in bed I sit in the patio with a glass of wine – equally grateful for our lives and absolutely exhausted by it at the same time

Summer- when we try to forget our worries and our crazy schedules and we just sit and revel in the unknown and we fully accept it because we notice the beauty in our lives

What about your summer story?

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